Massage Therapy Benefits Everyone

For millenniums human civilizations have turned to massage therapy as a form of relief for many different types of issues.  Since then massage has evolved into a very diverse range of disciplines specifically adapted for a broad range of uses.

Massage continues to emerge as both an effective way to facilitate relaxation as well as promote healing of muscle related injuries.  Individuals who seek massage for the purposes of relaxation are receiving more from the massage than they often realize.  Massage provides a period of time for relaxation where the mind can ease itself away from all that preoccupies it. 

However, during that period of relaxation, massage has been shown to provide an abundance of additional benefits directly linked to the promotion of better health, especially when massage is received regularly.       

Professionals suggest that stress is a significant factor with respect to disease.  The naturally occurring hormone cortisol is very important in controlling stress in our day to day lives.  However, our lives have become subject to more frequent situations that require a stress response from our bodies. 

It’s at this time that cortisol has an undesirable affect on our well-being.  Cortisol levels have been monitored in studies for high blood pressure, depression, and PMS where massage was the focus of the treatment.  These studies widely reported a decrease of cortisol levels greater than that of the control group.

Massage is also great for facilitating an increased circulation of blood, lymph, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body.  As well as an increase in the levels of endorphins associated with the management of pain.  Many receivers of massage use it to help with their migraine headaches.

Massage also has a very large role in the anatomy of our bodies.  Massage is successfully used every day for both the prevention of and the healing of injuries. For instance:

  • Flexibility
  • An increased range of motion.
  • Relaxation of tense, sore, and over worked muscles.
  • Cramping

We will work with you in order to adapt a massage program that fits your needs and lifestyle.      

Remember, of all the reasons mentioned above, one of the most important reasons to get a massage is that they simply feel oh so good. Besides, you deserve it! 

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