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Stressed WomanBusinesses in the Eugene and Springfield Oregon area are no exception to a growing trend across the country. 

More and more employers have incorporated massage into their budgets.  Companies have learned that by providing a way to help employees eliminate the accumulated stress that they are subjected to while at work accomplishes two goals.  The first is that employees feel valued by their employer. 

The second benefit arises from your employees being relaxed and rejuvenated allowing them to be more productive.  Massage ultimately creates a more positive and productive work environment. 

Employers are also discovering that using massage as a regular incentive for employees is an effective recruiting tool for attracting and keeping a skilled labor force.

We will arrive on site, set up, and get right to work helping relieve the stress of your fellow colleagues.   

Massage chairs do not require much space and can be set up almost anywhere.  Not to mention massage is quiet and very unobtrusive to the office environment. 

Associates can enjoy massages on their breaks, lunches, or after that stressful phone call.  Best of all when the massage is finished the associate can go right back to work without having to worry about their appearance, refreshed, and ready to get that next assignment finished.

It does not matter what your occupation is, whether you work in an office setting or in a restaurant, construction or retail at the mall, we can treat your associates to a refreshing change of pace at just about any location.



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We provide Swedish and Deep Tissue massage therapy services in the Eugene and Springfield Oregon area.


Why go to a Spa when you can be in your own home?


  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Chair Massage


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